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  1. Thanks for posting my work on your blog; I’m looking forward to following this and hearing more about your work. We started a very small roasting business recently, under a small NGO I direct. You’ve also read about some of my work with the Rainforest Alliance Frogblog. I’m certainly interested in invitations to future cuppings and talking about things related to farmer training and coffee. Keep up the good work!!

  2. Darrin,

    Thanks for all the info and good work. I wanted to get your advice on who to reach out to regarding our organic formula to replace fertilizer for coffee and tea. We have significant university studies (over six years) as well as field applications in the US, China and beyond. Any thoughts on growers who would be interested?

    Thanks! Pete

  3. Hi Darrin,

    My name is Ezra Lee and I am currently a student at UC Davis living in an agrarian cooperative studying development economics and sociocultural anthropology. I am also applying for a Blum Center grant for poverty alleviation through action (PATA) with a focus on direct trade coffee.
    I just got into contact with Stumptown today about possibly working with them in their direct trade initiative, but I am concerned that they will not respond before the grant deadline which is this Friday at 5 pm. So I’ve taken upon myself given this urgency and I did some research and I was guided towards you as Stumptown’s coffee buyer. Unfortunately, the deadline for the grant worries me the most and I hope you may help inform my curiosities about coffee. To carry forward with the grant, I need a letter of intention. Of course, this letter is non-binding and will not effect you once I receive the grant. Stumptown and you can renege on this nonbinding agreement even after I receive the grant, which is fine with me, but I ask for a letter of intent as a start.

    So far, I have already been given the support from a two professors and former recipients of the Blum Center grant because of my interest in Stumptown’s direct-trade program. This relationship is essentially untouched by academic discourse and it’s wonderfully exciting.

    If you are hesitant to provide this letter, I understand, and I can certainly provide more details about myself and the grant, through email or skype.

    Here is the website of the Blum Center:

    Ezra Lee

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