Josh Winsor’s Harry Smith Seance Poster

Harry Smith PDX


Josh Winsor designed this poster for Harry Smith PDX’s two events at the Hollywood Theatre on May 16.

The overlay of shapes come from the collection of slides Harry Smith used during his live projection of Heaven And Earth Magic (1962). When Harry projected Heaven And Earth Magic, he fused two images on the screen – one from the 16mm print going through a projector, and one from a slide projector into which he would insert various masks which acted as frames to shape the moving image.

Various descriptions of Harry’s live projection techniques include his stated belief that the best presentation of Heaven And Earth Magic would be with four projectors. Not sure if he meant four 16mm projectors, or one 16 mm projector and three slide projectors!

We will be recreating Harry’s layering of moving image and slide projector image during our screening of Heaven And Earth Magic…

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2 thoughts on “Josh Winsor’s Harry Smith Seance Poster

  1. hi, folks. is cityful books still publishing books? i’m the art director for spinning jenny, a lit mag published by black dress press. i’m interested in your book about harry smith. thanks!


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