China and the West; 2011

all it takes is about an hour after landing in Hong Kong to realize what is playing out on the world economic stage. the efficiency, the focus, the recalibration to a new marketplace that is increasingly dedicated to its own cultural explosion. the east, China, are expeditiously moving towards prosperity. with over one billion citizens and the expanded world market, China has fully realized its potential and how that will glass out the other players in the economic tumble that has befallen the US and now Europe. almost every mid-size city is exploding with growth and economic wealth. the middle class is bustling with entrepreneurial and government investment. from banking to manufacturing to tourism, it seems that almost all the aspects of Chinese society and business is robustly poised to build on international progress. even looking at western company’s penetration with product is an interesting example. a war horse example would be Starbucks’ elevated expansion into a city such as Hangzhou. 2 years before there were just a few of them, but now within a square mile there must be over 15 locations. a mutually attractive scenario such as this still, in the end, tips the odds in favor of China and will eventually shift the power play of consumption of goods. we will eventually become the labor for and at the service of consumers outside of our own groggy recovery in the USA. from the Newark train station to Century avenue in the Pudong of Shanghai-it is clear that the focused (though potentially on its own environmental crash course) today of China is blowing by the West’s model. the shabby what used to be is blurring out of focus in favor of a new world of the have’s and have-not’s. China, for example, has already become the largest manufacturer of cars in the world and at the same time is the largest consumer of vehicles. will this all point to a new answer for an old problem. Should we engage the idea of an economic structure that dispenses with competition all together, but instead work on mutual need(s)s and brokered self accomplishment. i am inclined to think that the game has not changed all that much, but the power suck clearly is moving to China and moving away from the old winners.

Why China will change Capitalism


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