Spring in Asia 2011

Just starting my 2nd trip to China and last evening I landed in Hong Kong and made my way down to Kowloon district to stay the night until my flight today to Fuzhou. One can’t help but feel the similarity to Singapore upon arrival. What was the most striking in my walk-around last night was the diversity. People literally from all walks of life hanging out on a Saturday night. I must have heard at least 5 different languages while just taking a short walk before running into a little noodle joint for some goose, bok choy noodle bowl with my Tsingtao tall boy. It seems quite orderly and mellow. My original plan was to hop off the plane and rush down to take a 9:30 pm reservation at the revered Nobu. By the time I checked in after my 15 hour + flight, I realized the last thing I truly wanted to do was go and sit and eat, even if it was Nobu. I faired better for my 4 dollar dinner street-side and people watch. After a fast dinner, I wrapped up at a german pub and enjoyed a last round before heading out around midnight to let my jet lag take me under for some much needed sleep. Today I leave and meet with my hosts. I am very excited to see more of China and to learn more about our supplier relationships.


2 thoughts on “Spring in Asia 2011

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