Arnoldo Sings… (via Karin’s Charivari)

Arnoldo Sings... Arnoldo sings Mexican love ballads as we navigate the sweeping curves above Putla’s rugged mountains on our way back to Oaxaca City. Arnoldo is from Huatulco, which is a tourist coastal town about 7 hours from Oaxaca City. He has been our driver for the past three days and has been quite animated in his story telling and information about Mexico … Read More

via Karin's Charivari


3 thoughts on “Arnoldo Sings… (via Karin’s Charivari)

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  2. A wonderful and heartfelt post.

    These Oaxaca producers are the perfect example of the multiple levels of irony and challenge.

    Coffee is a relatively recent colonial imposition on their landscape. Thankfully they are not solely dependent on it, but clearly there’s more than enough exposure for there to be liability.

    This is ultra low-yield forest coffee. At its very best, is is drinkable but forgettable, through no fault of the farmers. It’s coastal-weather typica from modest altitudes, chocolatey and okay but no match for thousands of better coffees grown in dozen of other countries.

    Two hundred years ago, before coffee, these were subsistence farmers. Most likely, they will be again. Coffee didn’t make them poor, but false hopes for it could help keep them that way. There is zero potential here to grow the next Panama Esmeralda, the next blueberry-infused natural Sidamo. The best they can grow is coffee with a lower case C. Better to put their energies into growing crops to feed their communities, maybe even some artisan Mescal. Their circumstances are not different from what they have been for many centuries. What is different is the perception of poverty and the expectations, thanks to TV, the internet and intermediaries like us.

    If you haven’t read “The Twelve by Twelve” by William Powers I highly recommend doing so. It very directly addresses raised by our attempts to make a difference in this situation.

    I so appreciate your kind heart and inquiring mind.


    • Kevin
      I will most definitely look into the Powers book. Sounds very interesting. Thanks so much for the comments; they mean a lot to me. Be safe and maybe it’s time to look into getting out of Mexico and back into Silver City. I know the U.S. is deficient in so many ways, but I worry about you guys and I pray and send my best intentions your way. Be well and I hope to one day toast a glass of mescal or burgundy with you and Erin. I am in Costa Rica at the moment and just had a nice dinner and chat with Arnoldo at Coffee Source and he sends his best.

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