Boquete, Panama

We are wrapping up a fantastic week here in Boquete. Chris and I spent yesterday conducting a training at the Specialty Coffee Association of Panama office with over twenty producers. We focused on analyzing issues around roasting and its effect in the cup. At the end of the roast training we cupped over 8 coffees including the Geisha that we sample roasted the day prior at Finca Gorrida with our friend Javier, their cupper and roaster. We also ventured up to Rio Cristal, a zip line park with a fabulous restaurant and soon to be finished hotel with three or four small cabanas. After we made our way to to Finca Kotowa for some final training and worked with their head roaster on production roasting and sample roasting before having a fine dinner with the director of SCAP at his home with his wife and two kids. A great way to end a special day here in Panama. Today, it is all about visiting Finca Esmeralda with Rachel Peterson, but only after the Brazil-Netherlands game!!! Wow, what a game already. Tomorrow its back home for the 4th of July. Saludos!


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